NEWS 9-12-2010!!!  I spoke with a nice girl from Cabalas' today (Revel). I had asked her if one of the stores near me was still going to open. Revel. It was a pleasure to talk to you.  Chris

Here is a pic from my phone just after it flooded last year.



NEWS 9-5-2009 !!!  We just hatched out our first geckos last nite!!! check my gecko section!

!!! I helped my friend Megan get a home for her 2 Sulcata Tortoises. They were so nice to have here while we got them a new home. They are on their way to my buddy Jason's farm in Kansas. I will post more pics when i have time.


NEW INFO !!!  I added a Sulcata and a Mata Mata to my site finally, check the water turtle section!


NEW INFO !!! I am trying to sell hatchling turtle food now on eBay.
Please contact me for more types of food and prices. I will be able to get other pet supplies soon.






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