Tremper Sunglow Male (Proven. Regen Tail)



Tremper Giant Het For Albino Female (Proven) (Can grow up to 11 inches aprox)



Tremper Normal (Proven) Het For Albino Female



Tremper Albino Het For Raptor (Top)





Red Eyed Bell Enigma Female



High Lavender Tangelo Female

High Lavender Tangelo Female


Tangelo Enigma Male Baby

Patternless Male (Proven)


Blazing Blizzard Female 

Blazing Blizzard Male 

Tangelo Female



Mack Snow Albino Female (Proven)



Mack Snow Albino Male


Tangelo Male (Proven)

 Leucistic Male 


Leucistic Female


Hypo Female (Proven. Great Breeder) 



Mack Super Snow Blizzard Male (Proven. Died from reasons unknown, was the best breeder! R.I.P)

Designer Female (Proven. Great Breeder! Also seen with my Mack Super Snow Blizzard, he was always after any females I paired him up with R.I.P.!)  

Designer Female (Proven. Great Breeder! Notice the eggs in her belly) 


Designer Female


Jungle Female


Jungle Male

 Jungle Female (Bottom) 


Normal Females (Far Left & Right)



Juvenile/Adult African Fat Tail Gecko (WC)
One Striped, One Morph. Not part of any breeding projects, was just as pets.






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