This is just some basic info for Turtles I go by.


I would use a Zoo Med Powersun 100 watt Bulb for all your turtles/tortoises.

And your water turtles need a place to bask, so I would get the Zoo Med's Floating Dock. I t comes in quite a few sizes.

I would use Zoo Med's Floating Pellets, or ReptoMin Floating Sticks for your water turtles, if you cant get a high Protein/low fat food.

And I use lots of green veggies daily and a little fruit treat for my tortoises every now and then.

And always use Rep-Cal sprinkled on your veggies you feed you land tortoises, and Rep-Cal's Vitamin supplement as well.

Or you could use Cork Bark, I just recently heard about this stuff, looks great! You can get it at some pet stores, but its mostly on the web, via Google. You can cut it to size to suit your needs. (Thanks Lorenzo)

You can use a submersible water heater for your water during the winter if your house runs cold. Baby turtles may need it warmer inside during the winter, just keep it around 80 degrees.


Sexing your water turtles:

It is not always easy to determine the sex of an individual until the turtles are over a year old. Even then it varies based on how fast your turtle is growing. This is dependent upon the food and nourishment they receive. There are some common things to look for once a turtle is grown. Males have longer front claws and a longer, thicker tail. Males also tend to have a concave ventral shell as compared to that of females. When full grown, females are also significantly larger than males.



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